School Direct

Each established primary academy in the Co-operative Academies Trust, visited by Ofsted prior to September 2016, has received a judgement of 'Good'. All 10 candidates trained within the Trust have successfully completed the School Direct programme, and secured employment to complete their NQT year. There are excellent employment opportunities within the Trust and 40% of previous candidates have gained employment in our partner schools.

The School Direct training programme challenges students and enables them to gain qualified teacher status, encouraging them to become reflective practitioners delivering teaching of a very high standard. Successful completion of the professional studies element leads to the Award of a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE).

School Direct offers practical, hands-on teacher training within a large network of good to outstanding sc​hools. Leeds Trinity University's School Direct partners provide support and guidance that develop PGCE trainees ready for employment.  Leeds Trinity University gives you quality assurance as the leading regional provider in the country for teacher training. Our Primary Education a​nd Secondary Education School Direct partners give you the opportunity to gain a school-based PGCE course.

The Course

Early years and Primary Programmes:

The School Direct programmes for the primary schools is divided into three stages. Stage 1 lasts for 12 weeks. The trainees complete a block placement of 7 weeks in their ‘Host School’ where they plan and teach small groups/whole class for up to 50% of the timetable. During the remaining four weeks students undertake training in the university, in partnership schools and have the opportunity to observe high quality teaching. Stage 2 (12 weeks) and stage 3 (10 weeks) take place in the ‘Home School’. Across both of these stages there is a block placement and further professional studies training. Gradually trainees build up the teaching requirement to 80% of the timetable. Following the three stages, students have the chance to spend two weeks in an alternative educational setting extending their experiences.

Our partnership consists of five schools all serving the diverse community of Inner East Leeds.

Four of the schools are part of the Co-operative Academies Trust:

Oakwood Primary Academy  - Lead School for 2016 –

Nightingale Primary Academy -

Woodlands Primary Academy –  Lead School for 2014 and 2015

Brownhill Primary Academy –

Shakespeare Primary School -

(Shakespeare is a local authority maintained primary, and a key partner who  share a building with our high school!)

Our 2014/15 cohort have all successfully secured posts and are now following NQT programmes; some are in our partnership schools!  There are excellent career opportunities in all our schools and within our trust.

All the established schools were judged ‘Good’ in their most recent Ofsted inspections.

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Entry Requirements

• A degree with a substantial portion relevant to National Curriculum programmes and examination syllabuses in that subject area.

• GCSE English, mathematics and science at Grade C or above (or equivalent)

• Successful completion of the Professional Skills tests for literacy and numeracy

How to apply

Applications must be made through UCAS Teacher Training at

Lead School :Oakwood Primary Academy
North Farm Road

For General Enquiries contact Sally Whittingham at or call 0113 240 2526.

Partnership Lead: Rebecca Ingram,  Headteacher for Oakwood Co-operative Academy

Lead Mentor: Sarah Tasker, Assistant Headteacher, Oakwood Primary Academy