School Uniform.

School Uniform.

White polo shirt.

Dark grey school trousers/ grey skirt.

Plain navy blue PE shorts.

Blue and white gingham summer dress (optional).

School sweatshirt/cardigan – can be purchased through the school office or through APC Clothing.

Sensible shoes (no flip flops or high heels).

Book bags (optional) – can be purchased through the school office.


Plain white T-shirt. Navy Shorts.

Swimming trunks/ Costumes (Year 4)


The only permitted jewellery that can be worn in school are watches and very small stud earrings (other types of earrings must not be worn for school).  This is clearly in consideration of the health and safety of all the children in school.


Children should not come to school with hairstyles that are attention seeking for example shaved patterns, mohicans, unnatural colours.  Head coverings such as scarves or turbans should be plain blue, white or black.