Lunch Menu

School Meals

At Brownhill we feel that School meals have many benefits. They provide opportunity for pupils to develop their social skills as they sit down with friends to enjoy their meals, they help encourage healthy eaters from a young age and it saves you the time and effort of planning and preparing a nutritious packed lunch. For all these reason we encourage children to have a school meal.

To make meal time even more appealing we have decided to change the way school dinners work at Brownhill. Each day during registration time at 9.00am your child will select their meal type & be given a corresponding colour-coded wristband. For example, red for main meal of the day, blue for Halal & green for a vegetarian option, yellow for sandwich and purple for jacket potato. Dinner staff will then use the colour coded band to ensure each child receives their chosen food.

The benefits

* It allows the school to provide more food options to pupils. Brownhill now has 5 options to choose from.

* Parents are able to view the menu with their children and help them choose; giving parents piece of mind knowing what their children are eating at school

* It avoids the disappointments of the child’s first choice running out

* And food waste is drastically reduced.

We hope that you feel this is a valued change to our dinner service.

You can view or download the Lunch Menu above.