Extra Curricular

Home work at Brownhill is currently under review but for the very youngest children, this can mean sharing books, talking about the topics in nursery and reception and practising skills for example counting, singing rhymes, playing I spy.

Children will begin to bring home reading books which we ask you read with them and record in their Reading Record books. Spelling lists are given, so that important words can be practised and remembered. Children will also start learning number bonds to 10 (two numbers that add up to 10 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc) and as they get older times tables begin to be learnt by heart.

Older children are expected to do more detailed research and spend more time on activities related to the learning they do in school.

At Brownhill, all children are encouraged to take part in activities at home, relating to their school work. Each child is learning all the time, not just at school. We believe that parents and carers play an important role in this learning process. We ask that you work in partnership with school help give your child the best start and to enable them to be successful.

All children should spend some time each evening engaged in reading or talking about books.

Homework can; encourage children in developing good learning routines, enhance and enrich classroom activities, help children to share knowledge and skills with parents, reinforce learning, and provide purposeful activities and raise standards.