School Council 2015/16

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This month school council have been continuing with their work on school dinners to provide students with meals they like more frequently, reducing waste and encouraging school lunches.

In the last meeting the council assessed meal options to evaluate how often choices were picked so that students could have the meals they wanted on a more regular basis.

This week the council gathered all 75 meal options into a spread sheet, and created a bar chart.  The aim was to make a visual chart to be able to use in evidence for changing the school meals.

The first task was to finish the spread sheet started in the last meeting, and the second task was to highlight which menu options no-one is choosing.  The council found that the fruity coleslaw jacket potato, egg mayo baguette and courgettes were amongst the lowest ranking food items.

After some discussion the council decided that one of the main problems students were faced with at lunch time was a poor choice of side dishes. It was decided that on the whole there were a good range of main meals, and usually something for everyone.  The issue was that the accompanying sides were often disliked.  For example a bowl of carrots, sweetcorn and peas are a side dish option, but some students found that they liked two of the vegetables, but not all three, which put them off this side dish.  Council members thought that to overcome this problem vegetables could be separated from one another so they could selected their favourite vegetables.

The table will be presented to a lady from the school catering company in the next school council meeting.  Students will be interviewed during this time and be able to voice their opinions once they have presented the findings from their data collection.

The next school council update will be in March, keep posted for more information.

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Latest news from the school council


The Brownhill School Council have had their first meeting this term to discuss agenda items.

The council which was democratically elected in September 2015 will be in post until the end of the academic year: and aims to reflect the ethos of the academy in policies and governance.  Members said: “we want to change the school for the better, include everyone in school, and respect ideas wherever they come from.”

The focus this half term has been around school dinners.  The school council aims to find out, not only why students don’t like some of the school dinners, but to asses which ones they do like and arrange for those to be served more often.  As a healthy eating school meals are nutritionally balanced, so providing children with a meal they enjoy and that is good for them would be a winning combination.

School dinner wastage has already been reduced by implementing a pre-arranged choice for students, who decide which meal option they want before dinner time.

Over the coming weeks the school council will assess data taken from a week of school dinners to calculate which choices were most popular and which options could be removed from the menu: with the target to provide popular choices on a more regular basis.  Their findings will be put into a spread sheet to easily highlight school dinner trends to others in the Academy.

The school council hope to have success in this area, after already implementing a number of school wide changes, most notably the purchasing of more playground equipment to be used during break times, and an improved range of PE classes. 

Check the School Council page to discover who your class representative is.