Enterprise project at Angel Square

Some of our Year 5s have been working very hard over the term to come up with their own unique electrical item. They had to come up with an initial design, a marketing campaign AND even build a prototype. So we thought what better was to show them off than at the Co-op headquarters in Manchester.

So today, the Year 5s got on a coach to Manchester and prepared to pitch their ideas to a panel of Co-op judges. On the panel was Frank Norris our trust Director, Ed Powell the Chair of Governors here at Brownhill, Stuart Chadwick from Co-op Electrical and Gemma Kidd who is senior Brand Manager at the Co-op. 

In groups the students had come up with six different products all incorporating the circuits and knowledge they had learnt in their electrical classes. The products were:

Security Buzzer Alarm: A unique security product that uses light to tell you whether you're being robbed. An item is placed on top, the device is turned on and a loud, annoying noise is emitted when the item is removed. 

Secret Buzzer Prank: This sneaky device is the perfect prank! The device is meant to be hidden in a well-lit room, then when the lights are turned off the device gives off a loud buzzing sound. The trick is, when the lights are turned back on the sounds stops, meaning that the prankee won't be able to work out where the sound is coming from! 

Super Smart Cup: The Super Smart Cup is designed for busy people like office workers and scientists who don't have time to wait for a kettle to boil but still want a cup of tea! The cup is activated by water, when poured in the device heats up the water fast and brews a perfect cup of tea. 

Parent's Marvellous Messaging Alarm: This alarm allows for parents to know when their children are up at night. The light activated sensor sends a message to parents when their child turns their bedroom light on. 

Spider Bot Device: In a world where everyone is on the go and always on their phones the Spider Device is here to make sure that those phones always have charge. The device can charge all your devices at once and in 15 minutes. Perfect for when you're in a rush. 

Gas/Deep Sea Mask: Until now deep sea diving has been only for the few, with expensive and heavy equipment it means not alot of people can do it. But this special device makes it so much easier to explore the seas! By compressing air through the day it stores up enough to allow a person to dive for at least an hour.

All of the designs were amazing and so were the pitches! Each group had prepared a presentation that explained how the product was made, who the target market was and the profit margins. The groups had also performed and filmed television adverts to advertise their products. 

At the end, the panel of Dragons gave feedback on all the designs saying what they liked and what they think could be improved. It was fantastic to see what our students are capable of and see them represent themselves in front of our Co-op colleagues. 

A huge well done to everyone who took part!