Bees and pollen Science workshop

What do you get when you mix cheesy puffs, cardboard bees and little fingers? A science experiment! 

This week we had the Science Boffins in the Academy teaching our students all about some weird and wonderful science. 

The students were given bee puppets and some cheesy puffs in a big paper flower. The Science Boffin explained that this experiment was all about pollen. 

"You see" he said "the reason why bees like flowers so much is because of the pollen. And if you were to look at a bee's legs you would see that they are covered in tiny little hairs. When a bee lands on a flower they rub their little legs all over so that the pollen starts to stick to these little hairs..." 

Then the students used their fingers to make legs on the bee puppets, and wriggled them around in the cheesy puffs. This was to recreate what a bee's legs do in a flower. 

The experiment was a great way to add a practical element in a theoretical discussion... it was also a great way to eat cheesy puffs!