Our S-U-P-E-R Spellers at the first Co-operative Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee

On Friday we took some of our S-U-P-E-R  S-P-E-L-L-E-R-S to Woodlands Primary Academy for the first Co-operative Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee. We were also joined by Oakwood Primary Academy. 

It was a brilliant opportunity to compete against our sister academies and practice our spelling at the same time. In school the students had been learning a list of words and then doing mini spelling bees in class. Then the best speller from each class was chosen to go to the final at Woodlands. 

There were 2 students per year representing each academy, these were then narrowed down to one in a quick fire round. The winners of this round then went on to compete against the other academies. 

Year by year each student took it in turns to spell out one of the words they had been practising. As the rounds went on, the words got harder and harder until there was only one speller left. This speller got a medal  for their year and points for their school. 

In the end we won one medal in Year 5! But all of our spellers did so well, and we are very proud of them. We're already looking forward to next year. Thank you very much to Woodlands Primary Academy for organising the lovely event. 

For more photos check out Woodlands' Sway https://sway.com/Ifgf2AvlK7AYSb1G