After-school coding club explores the micro:bit

Last week we told you about our Gardening club, well now for something abit more virtual...

Every Wednesday Ms Foster runs a Coding club after school, where students learn new IT skills and can explore the world of STEM subjects. 

This week the students were trying their hand at Microbits, the micro:bit is an open development board that allows you to run code on it and have access to all of the hardware. On their website it shows you all the cool things you can get up to and just how easy it is. 

In an increasingly technical world having the skills to code and understand software are incredibly valuable. And not only that but by encouraging the students to explore this world, it opens up a new way of learnning combining mathematics, logic and algorithms, and teaches a new way to think about the world.

We'll be following the Coding club to see what else they get up to.