Colleague Recognition Evening

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, staff from each of the academies within the Co-operative Trust attended the “Colleague Recognition Evening” at Angel Square in Manchester. The evening provided an opportunity for staff, governors and volunteers to come together to recognise the fantastic work many undertake across our schools.

Our Academy had a nomination for each of the seven awards.

Equity and Equality - Michelle Lacken and Ian Ingle.

Democracy - Nicola McDonald.

Self-Help and responsibility - Christina Shanks and Simon Kirsima.

Openness and Honesty – Joanna Summers.

Caring For Others - Joanne Seals.

Solidarity – Jack Richardson, Leigh Hough, Shaun Scott-Johnson and Kirsty Bryden.

Social Responsibility - Elizabeth Worfolk.

Congratulations to all our nominees but especially to Joanna Summers, who was the overall winner for her category Openness and Honesty.