Meet our green fingered gardening club!

Though the weather has been somewhat against them, our gardening club haven't let that dampen their spirits. 

The gardening club started in September after Mr Ingle decided that the lovely garden at the school needed some tender loving care. So now, every wednesday the club meets to plant, and sow and learn all about plants. 

In their workbooks the students record all the things they have planted, with descriptions of how they did it and how the plant will look when it's fully grown. Last week the group put some Mustard and Basil seeds in to seed pots. 

So far they have planted some daffodils and crocuses that have just started to flower, bringing some lovely colour to the garden. They've also planted some rhubarb and potatoes, which they plan to make in to chip butties!

But it hasn't been easy, as a local fox has been digging up everything they plant! But the club has persevered and are starting to see the results of their efforts. 

And it doesn't stop there, a bird table, bird house and habitat house have been put in the garden to encourage local wildlife to stop by for a visit. 

We'll be keeping up with the gardening club as they tend to the school garden, and from what we've heard they have some brilliant plans.