Co-operative Fairtrade Conference in Manchester

Yesterday 8 of our Year 5 and 6s made the trip down to the Co-operative headquarters in Manchester for a Fairtrade conference. 

We were joined by students from across the Co-operative Academy Trust in Manchester, Stoke and here in Leeds. 

As the UK's largest convenience seller of Fairtrade products, The Co-operative are passionate about ethical values and wanted to teach us why they are so important. 

The day was full of fun activities where everyone moved in to different groups with the other schools. We all designed a Fairtrade snack, and then had to pitch it in front of 4 'Dragons'. Then we looked at Co-op products and had to work out which countries the incredients were from. 

At the end of the day Year 10s from Manchester Creative and Media academy did a presentation on their journey to becoming a Fair-achiever school, this is the highest level a school can be. They gave us lots to think about and some great ideas to bring back to Brownhill!

"I think it's really positive how you can help stop poverty through Fairtrade. I've learnt thar Fairtrade could help other people in the world" - Sienna 

It was a great day and we all came back feeling inspired about what we can do to make the world a better place. 

For more about the Co-operative Fairtrade Program check out their website