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Did You Know?

Behaviour at Brownhill was rated GOOD in our last Ofsted and we are working towards a rating of OUTSTANDING.

Our Behaviour Policy, which can be viewed on the website, explains the rewards and sanctions used in our school. Sometimes, some children require additional support around behaviour and the school uses outside help including ACHIEVE (based at Shakespeare Primary) and Ebor Gardens Nurture Group to help these children learn to cope in class and in the playground.

Occasionally there are children who, even after accessing the support available, cannot cope in a mainstream school because their behaviour is too dangerous or disruptive and prevents themselves and others from learning. When this point is reached children are permanently excluded from Brownhill and the local authority has to find alternative education for them. Thankfully this is rare and there have only been two permanent exclusions in the last 3 years.

The key to good behaviour is a partnership between parents and school and as such we are always open to discussing your child’s behaviour and we appreciate your continued support in this important area of our work.