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 A new ESOL class for adults wanting to learn English will start at Brownhill on Tuesday 16 January. The class will run every Tuesday from 2-3pm.  If you are interested, please see Mrs Macdonald. You can ask for her at the school office. 

Herd Farm

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Some of our Year 6 pupils visit Herd Farm to test out there activates.

Parent Survey

To all Brownhill Parents! Please give us your feedback in our 2018 Brownhill Parent Survey at 

KS1 perform a 'Wriggly Nativity'

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KS1 treated parents and carers to an amazing performance of a Wriggly Nativity! A Nativity story that can't help but make you want to move.  Students all learnt the songs and some even had lots of lines to learn. They did so well performing it confidently and clearly.  Well done to…

Leeds City Council are introducing a new safer parking initiative

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As winter approaches and brings cold and icy weather we all need to be extra careful when travelling to and from school. The darker mornings and afternoons mean that we can't see as well sometimes and this can be dangerous.  It is up to everyone to be safe and sensible on…

School admissions drop in at The Compton Centre

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Leeds City Council School Admissions team are holding 4 Drop-In Sessions in the Main Library at the Compton Centre on the dates below:   ·         13th November 11am-1pm ·         22nd November 2pm-4pm ·         4th December 11am-1pm ·         13th December 2pm-4pm It's a great chance for anyone who needs help with their on-line application. Anyone can attend one of these sessions…

Anti Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week: All Different, All Equal   ABA are official organisers of Anti-Bullying Week. This year it will be held from Monday 13th - Friday 17th November 2017. Follow the link below to find out more information.

Meditation & Mindfulness

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Check out our Year 5's crazy music video. Well done you guys!

Meeting the Stephen Lawrence Committee

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Mr Hough took some of his students to the Co-operative Academy of Leeds to meet their Stephen Lawrence Committee, a group set up to tackle issues like tolerance and acceptance within the Academy and wider community. The group are named after Stephen Lawrence, a teenager killed in 1993 because of…

The gardening club grow their own chip butties

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Mr Ingles' gardening club have been hard at work growing all kinds of fruit and veg in the Academy garden. But one plant that had been doing especially well was their potatoes!  The club decided that they wanted to dig up the potatoes and make chip butties. Mr Ingles thought that…

Year 3 get whizpopping making 'Frobscottle'

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Year 3 have been learning all about the BFG, the Big Friendly Giant in lessons. The story is full of crazy adventures and peculiar foods. One of them is Frobscottle.  Frobscottle is the whizpopping drink where the bubbles go down instead of up, and instead of making you burp it makes…

Ian's Mobile Farm visits Brownhill.

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The children loved spending time with the animals. It was a wonderful experience to be up close learning about them and being able to pet them. Take a look here: for more information.

Enterprise project at Angel Square

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Some of our Year 5s have been working very hard over the term to come up with their own unique electrical item. They had to come up with an initial design, a marketing campaign AND even build a prototype. So we thought what better was to show them off than at…

Attendance reward Fun Day!

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This week we've been celebrating our students' great attendance, and having alot of fun whilst doing it!  Students got to take part in a whole range of different activities this week as a well done for excellent attendance. Each student was allocated a certain number of activities depending on how high…

Bees and pollen Science workshop

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What do you get when you mix cheesy puffs, cardboard bees and little fingers? A science experiment!  This week we had the Science Boffins in the Academy teaching our students all about some weird and wonderful science.  The students were given bee puppets and some cheesy puffs in a big paper…

Our S-U-P-E-R Spellers at the first Co-operative Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee

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On Friday we took some of our S-U-P-E-R  S-P-E-L-L-E-R-S to Woodlands Primary Academy for the first Co-operative Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee. We were also joined by Oakwood Primary Academy.  It was a brilliant opportunity to compete against our sister academies and practice our spelling at the same time. In school the…

Inter-primary spelling bee!

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Our first inter-school spelling bee is coming up soon and we are very excited!    We've been busy bees (if you pardon the pun) preparing for it. Our students will be competing against students from sister academies Brownhill and Woodlands.    It's taking place on Friday 24th March at Woodlands Primary…

Fairtrade Fortnight debate with the Lord Mayor of Leeds

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Yesterday some of our students, along with students from our sister primary academies, went along to the Civic Hall to meet with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Leeds.  The morning started off with tea (or juice) and biscuits with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress in the Ark Room,…

After-school coding club explores the micro:bit

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Last week we told you about our Gardening club, well now for something abit more virtual... Every Wednesday Ms Foster runs a Coding club after school, where students learn new IT skills and can explore the world of STEM subjects.  This week the students were trying their hand at Microbits…

Colleague Recognition Evening

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On Thursday 2nd March 2017, staff from each of the academies within the Co-operative Trust attended the “Colleague Recognition Evening” at Angel Square in Manchester. The evening provided an opportunity for staff, governors and volunteers to come together to recognise the fantastic work many undertake across our schools. Our Academy had…